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Winter League 2017/18 - Week 13, 8 January 2018

Team Aeriel march on....

Another win for Team Aeriel - a close match against Brothers Grimm - keeps them at the top of the table. They now have a 15 point lead over Pin Pals who are back to second after beating Hit & Miss 12-0. We're Going Home also took all the points in their match with The Late Shows and rise a place to third.

Eric Parmintuan's run of good form continues and he tops all of the high score lists again. His 565 (649 with handicap) series included a 212 (240) game. With Mark's 191 in the same game, Team Aeriel are the second team to reach 400 scratch this season. (403, 465)

Anita Highton goes from strength to strength with new high scores for a second week. Her 444 (600) series was 12 higher than last week and her high game, 177 (229) was 8 better. Tom Brooks and Terry Emmony both had new high series: Tom was 3 higher at 437 (602) and Terry was also +3 at 494 (608).

4-10 split
Steve Emmony managed a 4-10 split.

The average scratch game this week was 145.1 and the league to date remained at 145.5. The average scratch series this week was 435.4 (last week 439.6)

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