Leicester Megabowl
Monday Night Handicap Doubles League
About the Monday Night League

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The Monday League has teams of up to 4 with any two to bowl each week. The cost per player is £12 /week with £9.90 of that going to the Bowl for 3 games (called a ‘series’).  The remaining £2.10 goes into a prize fund to be handed out at the end of the season.

The winter league will run from 1 September to about the end of April. Teams will play each other twice and there will be two 'position nights' (1st place plays 2nd, 3rd plays 4th etc) so if there are 14 teams that will be 28 weeks. The Bowl doesn’t allow us to bowl in most of December because of office parties etc.

It’s a handicap league - calculated as 75% of the difference between 200 and each player’s average score. So if your  average is 100, the handicap will be 75 and if the average is 180, it will be 5. The handicaps are recalculated every week. So, theoretically every team has an equal chance of winning. There are 12 points at stake in each match: 2 for each the 3 games, 2  for the total of the 3 games and 2 for each player ‘head to head’ with their opposite number (1st vs 1st, 2nd vs 2nd)

On Monday nights we get 5 minutes practice at 6:55 and the matches start at 7pm so you should get there in time to get shoes etc & get some practice in.

For more information email Terry at www.tenpinleicester.co.uk