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1. The organisation shall be known as the MONDAY NIGHT DOUBLES LEAGUE

2. The purpose of the league is to conduct tenpin activities. It shall foster and maintain the spirit of good fellowship and true sportsmanship.

3. The members of the league will be divided into up to 16 teams of two players, with no more than 4 players per team being registered.

4. The league shall be presided over by a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The latter two duties may be performed by the same person.

5, The league shall generally abide by the B.T.B.A. Rules.

6. Following written application, protest or complaint from a team captain regarding disputes or point of order, a committee meeting or a meeting of the captains may be called at the discretion of the President.

7. The President shall be responsible for the proper organisation and function of the league.

8. The Treasurer will keep complete records of all receipts and payments and will reconcile the bank account every month during the league. The accounts will be inspected by the President monthly. Two signatures will be required on any cheques issued by the League and all officers may sign cheques.

9. Team captains are responsible for the collection of lineage fees and league subscriptions at the agreed rate (£12 from 2014) for each player in his/her team. These monies must be taken to the treasurer prior to completion of practice. Cheques should be made payable to Leicester Megabowl.

10. League subscriptions must be paid without exception, even if a team has an absent member.

11. The prize fund will be distributed in accordance with the schedule.

12. The President shall issue each team captain with a copy of the constitution.

13. The league standings will be posted on the Association web site each week and a copy will be circulated to each team prior to bowling.

14. The President shall keep a true and correct record of all scores made by teams and individuals and other such records as required by the league.

15. The league shall run on a handicap basis. Individual handicaps will be 75% of the difference between the player’s average and 200, rounded down to the next integer. Maximum handicap will be 75.

16. Bowling will commence at 7:00 pm with lanes being placed in practice mode 5 minutes before the match starts. No extension practice will be permitted as games must commence on time.

17. In the absence of the approved automatic foul detectors team captains will act as judges should a suspected foul occur.

18. Points will be awarded for scores including handicap at: 2 points per game won, 2 points for total pinfall and 2 points for individual bowlers against their opposite numbers (i.e. lead bowler v lead bowler, second v second). A total of 12 points are available to be won in any one match.

19. Any team which, because of unexpected absence, has to bowl with only one player shall be permitted 80% of the absent players average, plus that players full handicap.

20. If, at the commencement of bowling, a team is incomplete then the following options may be used:
    Option 1 - Request the opposing captain, who at his/her discretion may allow a short period of time for a player to arrive.
    Option 2 - Commence bowling along with the rest of the league on the assumption that the late player will arrive before completion of the fifth frame by the opposing team. In the event that a player does not arrive by this time then a blind score shall be used in his/her place as indicated in paragraph 19.
    Option 3 - If a player arrives after completion of the first game but before the start of the next he may join for the remaining games. The 80% average score rule must then be used for the first game.

21. Any team unable to bowl a scheduled match must inform the opposing team captain no less than 24 hrs prior to the match in question. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the opposing Team Captain may either claim all 12 points or agree to play the game at a later date.

22. Any postponements or re-arrangements must be advised to the league President. Both captains will sign the form giving details of the re-arrangement.

23. If in extreme circumstances a re-arranged match requires further cancellation this must be put to the committee who will decide whether to allow a further re-arrangement or decide to award the points as they see fit.

24. Any new bowlers joining the league must be registered at least 1 week prior to their bowling. No re-arranged matches will be allowed during the last 3 weeks of the season and no new bowlers may be registered to a team during the last 6 weeks of the league.

25. Wherever possible any re-arranged matches (due to holidays etc) should be played before the scheduled match date.

26. Team captains shall be responsible for the correctness of the scoresheet and will sign it at the end of each match.

League Officials
President Terry Emmony 0116 2478776 terry@mnedesign.co.uk
Vice President