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The Monday Night Doubles League meets at 7pm on Monday evenings at the Hollywood Bowl at the Meridian Leisure complex. There are usually two leagues per year: the main one is the Winter League which runs from September to April/May (depending on the number of teams) and the Summer League is from May to August.

Teams can have up to four members and any two of these bowl in any week. Bowling costs £12 per player for three games (known as a "series") of which currently £9.90 goes to the Bowl and the remainder is added to the prize fund. Prizes are awarded at the end of each league, usually at a pub social evening and recently involving long alley skittles.

  • Both Monday leagues have a handicap system which attempts to even up different bowling abilities. A more able bowler will have a smaller handicap added to his or her "scratch" score than a less able bowler.
  • The handicap is calculated as 75% of the difference between a bowler's average score and 200. A bowler with an average of 100 per game would have a handicap of 75 (the maximum) and a 200 average bowler would have a zero handicap.
  • Handicaps are revised as necessary after each weeks bowling.
  • All cash prizes and trophies are awarded on the basis of scores including handicap so everybody has a chance of winning.
Match Points
In each match there are 12 points to be won. These are decided as follows:
  • Two for the high scoring team for each of the three games (total 6 points)
  • Two for the highest aggregate total team scores
  • Two each for "head to head" high scores i.e. lead bowler v lead bowler and second bowler v second. (total 4 points)
  • If any scores are tied then each team receives one point.

Bowling Etiquette

  • Bowlers should not enter the lane approach when a bowler on either side is already there.
  • At least 24 hours notice should be given if a team is unavailable for bowling. If notice is less than this, the opponents have the options of: bowling and saving their scores until the unavailable team is able to bowl, agreeing to play the match at some other time (not necessarily on a Monday night) or claiming the 12 points,

League Officials
President Terry Emmony 0116 2478776 terry@mnedesign.co.uk
Vice President