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Leicester Megabowl Closure December 2005
Update 16/1/06
The Hollywood Bowl has now agreed that it will accept the Monday Night league but unfortunately they will not allow a Wednesday night league.

The response to enquiries to teams about bowling at Coventry have been very negative and Coventry is not a viable alternative. The current Wednesday night league will therefore have to close down. The league Committee will be in touch with team captains shortly to confirm the arrangements for winding the current league up.

There may be vacancies for teams on Monday night - if you are interested in bowling on Monday, please get in touch with Gaye or Terry (07714 671234)

Monday night bowlers: The first week will be Monday, 23 January, meet at 6:45 for warm up starting at 6:55. The consensus on the issue of raisng subs. to £9 each is that we should do it so that a prize fund is generated. It isn't clear at this stage how many teams will continue the current league and it may be necessary to wind the league up and start a new one. If this (or other significant problems) arises there will be a team captains meeting after bowling on Monday

As you already know, the Leicester Megabowl operated by TenPin Ltd closed down suddenly, straight after the Christmas break. Closure has been known about for some time as the building is part of the site of the Shires shopping centre extension but it had been hoped that an alternative centre would be available in time for a seamless changeover.

The two current leagues, the Monday Doubles and the Imperial (Wednesday) are roughly half way through their schedules and the area council members are trying to find alternative centres to complete the leagues.

Two locations are being considered:

1. Hollywood Bowl, Meridian, Leicester. (The 24 lanes are sanctioned by the BTBA)
The Centre Manager has indicated that he can accommodate the Monday night league but the Wednesday night league is much less certain. An earlier start, 6:30 would improve our chances of being allocated the Wednesday slot. Alternatively, an 8:30 start after the current Tuesday night league finishes is an option. The Manager is having discussions within the Company to see if they will agree to 7:00 on Wednesday.

In either case, the linage will be higher than at the Megabowl; £2.60 per game (£7.80 per series). We would also need to pay for 14 teams every week, regardless of how many teams bowl - i.e. missed weeks will still have to be paid for. Practice bowling at £1.50 per game will still be available. There is ample free parking.

Bowling cannot restart until Monday 23 January as the lanes are being resurfaced during the next two weeks (starting on 8 January)

All of the above is subject to confirmation
in the course of the next few days.

2. Megabowl, Cross Point Business Park, Coventry. (¼ mile from the end of the M69, just over the M6)
The Manager has agreed to the same deal as we had at Leicester; £2.20 a game and they can accommodate both leagues at the usual times.

However, the Council (Keith MacFarlane, Kevin Rowley, Gaye Rowley and Terry Emmony) consider that Coventry is further than our players would be willing to travel and that we would have a significant drop out rate if we moved there. The current league schedules would then become unmanageable.

What next?
We now have to wait for the Hollywood Management to decide if they will allow bowling on Wednesdays at 7pm and to confirm the offer and arrangements for Monday night bowling.
As soon as anything further develops it will be added to this page.

Meanwhile, if you have any comments on the situation or want to make suggestions for consideration please take a minute to send them to the Council using this form»»
For example, would a 6:30 start on Wednesday for you be acceptable or impossible?